Principles and Standards of Earthbuilders
Tourism Programme

Earthbuilders Tourism

Earthbuilders accredited Bed & Breakfast, Homestays, Hotels, Resorts, Camping Facilities and Hostels guarantee the protection of the environment and its natural resources, the eco-friendly management of accommodation facilities, the promotion of local culture, food safety and catering with products from sustainable, organic farming and fair trade practices.

Accreditation Process

The Earthbuilders Prorgramme has organic farming as its distinguishing element and this applies to all leading tourist structures

Protection of the environment and natural resources

Drinking water, Provide clean drinking water to all the people, Promote community-based monitoring and water testing facilities

Ecological management of accommodation facilities

Kitchen, Reducing consumption of water and energy, in kitchen as well as reducing, reusing and recycling kitchen waste.

Promotion of Local Culture

Both host and visitor should have respect for the culture and environment. The local culture must be properly explained by the

Food safety

FOOD PROCESSING AND HANDLING, Follow Food Safety standards Authority of India Guidelines and certifications


1ncreased knowledge through capacity-building programme., Source available resources through networking and partnerships.

Fair trade Practices

Visitor should have respect for human rights, Safe working conditions and practices, Protection of young workers