FAQ for Earth Builder Clients.

Can you share the room photos?

  • Ans : Yes, we can.

What are the standards of these properties?

  • Ans: We do sell only Earthbuilders standard properties after thorough checks and visits by our well experienced staff to make sure the quality is high. The properties can’t be considered as a star categorized by the authority.

Can you share the exact activity details and time?

  • Ans: Yes we can do it on confirmation of the service.

Can you share your Fairtrade and Organic Certificate?

  • Ans: Yes we can.

Do you provide a bilingual (English/local language) guide?

  • Ans: Yes we do, wherever the activities are involved.

Does your driver speak English?

  • Ans: Yes, he can communicate, but sometimes not fluently as a guide or interpreter.

Is your vehicle at our disposal till the end of the tour?

  • Ans: The vehicle will be at your disposal within the limit of city use as per the itinerary. But if you are staying somewhere for more than 2 days without any outside activities. The vehicle will be withdrawn and not at your disposal on these days (No vehicle will be available on local use but you can take it from the property on direct payment).

Can we use the vehicle locally as we like or is there any restriction?

  • Ans: Yes, but on agreed terms. Don’t exceed the maximum per day kilometres. Each extra km will be charged accordingly. The vehicle is not permitted for late night use and is not allowed outside the city limit without extra cost. The vehicle will be used as per the confirmed and agreed program.

Where will the driver stay during the tour?

  • Ans: The driver will be staying in the driver’s accommodation provided by each property.

Is driver gratuity or tips included in the package cost?

  • Ans: No, this needs to be done by the guest and it’s entirely according to their discretion.