Principles and Standards of Earthbuilders
Tourism Programme

Fair trade Practices

  • Visitor should have respect for human rights,
  • Safe working conditions and practices
  • Protection of young workers
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Fair Wages to employees based on local living wages.

Logo of Earthbuilders

  • The Earthbuilders logo is owned by PLANTRICH AGRI TECH Pvt Ltd and can be used by partners / associates in their business for business communication on letterhead, PR materials and on websites as defined in the rules below.
  • Label may only be used in line with the graphical rules indicated in Section —— that meet the labelling requirements listed in Section.
  • Logo in business to business communication or on websites are regulated in Section ——
  • The logo shall not be used in any way that implies that PAT endorses, participates in or is responsible for activities performed by the Agent, outside the scope of Agreement and the Earthbuilders standards (Guarantee System). Any Product Label shall not be used with Earthbuilders logo.
  • The logo consists of the —- graphic elements: —- shades of green forming a globe with a plant emerging and the text bottom “Earthbuilders”.
  • Only the graphics made available and released by PAT may be used by the Agent (partner ). The colours or proportions of the individual elements may not be altered. The Label may not be rotated or shown in mirror image. It should not be stretched horizontally or vertically, nor displayed with any effects.
  • PAT is responsible for ensuring that labelling rules are followed by Agent ( Partner ) and this will be spot checked during Monitoring audits and Peer visits.