Principles and Standards of Earthbuilder
Tourism Programme

Ecological management of accommodation facilities


  • Reducing consumption of water and energy, in kitchen as well as reducing, reusing and recycling kitchen waste.
  • Good Manufacturing Plan in kitchen and restaurant.
  • Usage of non-hazardous food in kitchen.
  • Promote organic food in kitchen.
  • Regular training to employees in food safety.


  • Room may follow Sustainable Interior Design.
  • Eco-friendly textiles or natural cotton may be used for pillows, curtains, bath towels and other linen.
  • Annual Environment Audit for a larger property, for example (5 Star Hotels & factories) with exception to homestays, B&Bs and similar smaller properties.


  • Sustainable Furniture to be used – wooden, fabric , metal and steel. No plastics.

Windows and glazing

  • Windows or skylight blocks heat from the sunlight, tints, low E-films and reflective coatings applied to glazing which can help to control the amount of sunlight that comes into a space. These can be especially helpful in lobby area windows as it makes use of day light.

Painting of walls

  • Sustainable painting with eco friendly shades are preferable

Restaurant / Dining Area

  • Eco friendly Furniture
  • Menu Cards, with traditional food choices, if needed ingredients must be shared with guests.
  • Instructions about allergens, claim on food – organic, natural.

Front Desk / Visitors Lounge

  • Display Certificate / Logo of Earthbuilders
  • Guest Registration policy to be displayed / Available SOP
  • Information on Room Service / Restaurant / Activities to be displayed.

Security System

  • Proper Data Management of entry and exit of humans as well vehicles to be ensured.
  • Proper Locker system in lobby or in room.