About Earth Builders

A leading sustainability brand which focuses on designing and operating curated ecotourism tours in Kerala. As Kerala is home to one of the top biodiversity hotspots - the Western Ghats – and one of the greenest states in India, it is a paradise for the sustainable tourist.

We partner with a variety of hospitality and travel associates that include green resorts, hotels, farmhouses and homestays to provide value-for-money experiences for the true eco-traveller. To ensure quality and authenticity of the sustainability experience we certify our partner associates with the Earthbuilders trademark after thorough auditing by our inspectors. Even while focusing on the global traveller, we plan to promote ethnic and cultural Earthbuilders experiences, giving travellers a true glimpse of the land they are visiting.

Our Mantra

Reach new heights in sustainability tourism in Kerala by promoting Fair trade and focusing on stunning, less-explored locations along the Western Ghats.

Offer quality personalized eco-tourism services through the brand Earthbuilders and promote Certified Earthbuilders tours.

Promote Fair trade tour itineraries based on sustainable farming locations along the Western Ghats.